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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Why DO we still need black history month

A picture on Tarleton state admission page.Is it me or does that sister need to try and make some new friends.Of course her other option might have been to hang out with fellow student Aunt Jasnowflake above.

As we make our way to another black history month my mind is still lingering on incidents that happened on Martin Luther King day.It seems more than one group of whites on college campuses have been holding parties where they put on black face and or dressing up as caricatures right out of the jim Crow south. Now one group had the nerve to be law students at UConn,future district attorneys I presume. So I want to post these pictures not because they are worthy of this space but because they are the reason this blog exist.Ignorance is alive and well and living in the heart and soul of white America.Even more sadly the slave mentality is still embedded in many negroes who have stood up for their white friends who "they knowz aint means no harm".They all need a pot of American history xyz to stick to their ribs.

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