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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What are our needs

Hillary, Obama, Edwards who is holding the best interest for a better America. What are our needs as a nation, a people, as women. I haven't been a member of the Democratic party in years because they proved more than unworthy of my vote along with their Republican counter parts. I'm so tired of voting for the lesser evil. This is what I feel black America has to do to improve ourselves.

Black America needs to focus on themselves and be honest with the portrait looking back in the mirror.We don't need the same five activist showing up at these national action committees harping racial justice, or CSPAN televising the state of black America from the womb of a black church in Atlanta to dilute what needs to be said or more importantly DONE to fix this mess we are in.

What we must do is circle the wagons and network with each other behind closed doors.Why does everyone else need to know our business.The things that need to be accomplished should be taken care of, not cried about to and analyzed by other groups of people.More importantly we must understand that we can do more as individuals whose deeds come together and form a stronger black American than as a group trying to be monolithic for a moment just to release the steam of frustration we all have.While relief is much needed for folks under so much stress, larger gatherings aren't the pill to ease that pain. I'm thinking those of you out there doing positive please continue to spread your wealth by networking.This worked to build the academic institutions and economic growth we had in our grand and great grand parents day.If we lose the ability to trust,respect,and communicate with each other we have lost our village forever.

To many people of all ages outside of and within this community think that being pro black is racist.Please understand that if we don't look out for our kids future in education or our economic survival no one else will.We live in a global market that requires we become knowledgeable about other countries and cultures to even do business.We can't believe the worst about the media images we are portrayed as, or continue to treat others with more value than we assign to ourselves.More importantly we should not cut ourselves off from connections with any group but we must be in charge of building and running our businesses as well as organizations with the goal of the betterment of black America for the enrichment of all America.

Instead of pointing out what is wrong I'm stating right here what we can do positively.Know of a job tell others in the community about it.We wear most of our wealth on our person how about buying things that won't depreciate like books on money management.Become educated on stocks and bonds then form a club with friends.Volunteer for a few hours somewhere.If you know a sister working going to school and maybe even trying to raise kids give her at least some verbal support.She may need a break invite her over for dinner with your family. when we see a brother working hard and doing right give that man a thank you, you will be surprised at the lift a black man gets from not knowing but hearing a sister got his back.I know I value the men that are doing the right things in the community, because our youth need both male and female positive role models.

None of us need to race off and save the world when we can make a difference in our own neighborhoods. Random acts of kindness snowball, the time to bury the "me" generation is now.The longer we keep that evil on life support the worst off we will be.Believe you can do anything,then go out and do it.On a personal note I've learned far more from my failures than I ever did from being safe and doing nothing.Don't worry about the skin folk who ain't your kin folk,you know your able and with persistence you will triumph.Turn your dreams in to reality and the whole community wins.Plenty of us are successful but how many of us have given back.

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