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Monday, January 15, 2007


I have traveled the highways and back roads of this country a great deal in the past six years.So I can honestly say that no matter where I go there is still the need to check out my intended new town not just for areas of interest but for my Black safety. Yes we still have the same concerns generations before us did.Only now we even have to put ourselves on the list of suspects to be afraid of.They all seem to live near MLK too.Why is it that black organizations spend their time fighting for streets,blvds,or aves and when it's all said and done Dr Kings name ends up on every dead end,run down and industrialized road in America.There are a few exceptions but mostly MLK has become a marker for the "bad" side of town. Let's face it many whites don't want his name anywhere near their communities even if they talk a good game about wanting equality for everyone. DR. King was a man who stood for a better America through opportunity for all regardless of color, guess they don't know their history. It is with that in mind that I continue to keep record of these places in cities across the country. Sometimes I think those blocks that claim his name tell a better story then I can but you be the judge.

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