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Picture of the month
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Rembering Dr King and Women who also held it down

On this the 40th anniversary of Dr Martin luther Kings death I want to thank the warrior women that took up the struggle with him.The women that included Mrs King,
Mrs Evers,Mrs Shabazz,Mrs Fannie Mae Hammer, and thousands of jane Q publics who fought the nonviolent battles with our men in order to fight for civil rights and injustice.
I started this blog to honor the women who have inspired me at various points in my life. So on this day that we comemorate the assination of Dr King I want to thank those mothers and daughters that stood right beside our brothers in the struggle.They were and are warriors, unlike soldiers who are paid for duty. These sisters strived for a greater cause,their journies were spiritual quest connected to
a movement greater than any individual.Warriors battle for the greater good of community that is their honor.
When Rev King stepped out on that balcony in Memphis the morning of April 4th a greater power had a plan. King was a young man of thirty nine a father and a husband.The lord blessed him with a strong wife who gathered the strength to carry on and inspire others to do the same. The beauty of black women has always been our resistence in the face of hostal fire.Now today when I think of the sixties and the atmosphere of the country in the last days of king my mind drifts to those women.
The ones who joined peaceful civil rights movements, the Angela Davis's the black panthers and sisterfriends from our own hometowns just doing their part and rising in their small but not insignificant ways.

Thanks to them all, no weapon formed against us shall prosper!