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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Letter to brothers like YOU

A few weeks ago I stopped at a flea market to have some artwork done.The artist was a young black man who told me he wanted to know my vision of what my company was about in order to create a piece of work that would suit me.As we talked the conversation changed from my business project to our lives.Here was a man,a black man telling me about the error of his ways,the bad things that happened in his marriages while uplifting his faith and current wife.He did this without putting down his ex's in a demeaning way. I shared with him as well and then he asked THE question.
Why I had not given up on black men. I answered with my lifes resounding truth.I have had powerful role models and once you see with your own eyes and experience deep within your heart true black love no scandal can steal your feelings of love for a righteous black man.This poem is dedicated to the brothers out there that are stand up guys true to the the definition of a real man.

I don't have to fall in love with a black man to love my brothers.
A man that can see a woman for who she is not what he wishes her to be has self love.
It takes a village of season men and women to raise our future I admire the men DOING THEIR PART.

I will not condone those that dwell in the house of negative behavior but,
I'm calling you out to stand and contribute to a cause greater than yourself.
I have no desires to condemn all men of African decent,I'm saving energy for the POSITIVE ONES.

I'd like to raise my son to be a man of courage and conviction
Respectful of black woman other than his mother and all women in general.
I don't want him holding sisters to a greater standard than other woman
I pray he finds the one women who he can grow and raise a family with
regardless of who she is or where she came from.

For those black men that can see the beauty and struggle of a sister I love you back.
You know when no one else has your back a black woman will be there for you period
A real man understands a sisters strength is a compliment not a draining force.
He wraps himself around it making the bond stronger because nothing is sweeter than,