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Monday, February 5, 2007

Oprah's School in South Africa

I was reading another blog and tried to post but blogger was not allowing me to.
So I post here my response to Oprah and her new school.

I am about a stronger African diaspora period.Europe has raped the mother continent for so long it has become a wealthy dependant of the world.Where else are there so many natural resources, wealth and beauty over ridden by even worst poverty and hardship in places.

Liberia is a good example,the country where former slaves were sent only to end up in a civil war with "natives" over who should be ruling.Wait they now have a Harvard educated WOMAN trying to lead the country back. That is the power of educating young women,they will grow to be the keepers in their native lands.Most are not going to be in politics but womanist concerns are about families and strong countries need to be concerned with social and economic issues. It's not so much the Iron ladies Ivy league sheep skin but the fact that she has the tools and contacts to make a difference.I will be watching this as I expect not only for the Oprahs of the world to help rebuild but the me's of the black diaspora to stop "wolfin and do something to contribute.
So I wonder about the evil spirits trying to pull down Oprah for reaching beyond borders.It's no secret she has contributed to black schools both in private and public.I'm aware that quotes can be broken down and repackaged any way the media likes,and frankly this sister is not offended by Oprah's words or actions.How many black millionaires are living in America and what are they doing for their OWN people, our future generation to be more specific? It's always some person in the community without much trying to start some program or activity for the kids and even that is fading in some areas.
Lets call out the rappers sending negative images to the world about blackness and then turning around and throwing hush money at the community. Let's add mothers who turn the other way when their grammar school drop out kids start rolling in big bucks of which they made from do what? Let's call out the baller culture of get rich on the field or court.Lets praise our high achievers and demand they help mentor some of their peers who are struggling academically in exchange for scholarships. While I'm on the soap box how about we say to Oprah,job well done how about an exchange program with some of our private black schools.In other words I'm trying to see the possibilities.Most importantly at the end of the day I like what blackamazon's author said:

"she looks happy in the way that very few People and even less sisters get to look . The happy that happens when you don't have to ask nobody about how you are supposed to do things."

We have to be proactive in leaving a legacy for our kids and that means all of us and anywhere or way we are able to do it.

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