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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Walk the walk

I posted this on another web site but felt it should also be posted here.I really don't plan to get off blog theme much but when a former NBA star and now commentator feels comfortable saying he hates gays on national radio with no out cry from black organization it became my duty to call them all out.


I'm just wondering about all those out there who are rebuking Hardaway for his statements.Who are you really, and does it feel good to point at someone else who was stupid enough to share his true feeling with the world despite being a public figure and even a role model to some.
I now know where Isaiah( I've already posted on greys anatomy) and Tim are coming from but the rest of the smile in your face people who's actions speak louder than their words scare me.I need to know who my enemies are as the saying goes "keep you friends close and enemies closer".
I see lip service being given the issue but who really cares strongly enough for black males in order to see where this open disstain comes from in that community.
The "f" and "n" words are tossed around with many meaning in black circles. In some sort of strange dysfunction negatives stand right next to positives like oil and vinegar mixing and then separating.While my personal convictions leave me not using either term I'm not naive enough to believe anything is going to change.In fact if I add bulldagger which has roots and strong ones in our village it can open a whole other can of worms.
So we can raise our kids to be tolerant of others but it is then their responsibility as grown men and women to embrace it or except other points of view.
Hatred is an evil word and an even worst place to reside. One can not love themselves if they hate others period.It is mentally unhealthy as energy wasted on negatives ruins your spirit and poisons your soul.Its a shame that Hardaway will found his pocket being lighter an incentive to apologize but this is a reality.I'll let him sort his own demons out as I have no need to judge him or the manhood he feels in need of protecting or proving.
What troubles me was I didn't see where the NAACP made any type of statement but just change his gay word to black and have a white guy saying it... Also where were members of the black church calling for him to be accountable for that type of lashing out.I'm not focusing on the black bashing media or anyone else for a reason.
Sakia gunn died in our community and a gay brother in Atlanta was beaten viciously at one of our HBCU's.The black church has been slow to embrace or acknowledge the multitude of glbt people within it ranks. It is that fear that has lead many a person especially black women into an aid crisis, because it was supposed to be gay punishment.As long as institutions in the community continue to ignore and not reach out to those of us in the community that
are deemed not truly afrocentric, I'm not holding Hardaway and Washington any more accountable than I do the rest of the grand standers. I will continue to call them all out 365 because I know if I don't, the feel gooders who ask where is the parenting or who has let this behavior continue might just keep missing the real issue.Which in my humble opinion is do you live the word or preach it,the legacy we leave for future generations are built on that foundation .