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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Draft,Spell Check and Saving Face

Well we are all allowed the occasional bad day but when it happens for all the world to see it can be embarrassing.I was trying to sort out stories for black history month to post when I decided to take a break.That's when my new hobby of reading blogs to get a feel for where my peoples interest are at the moment got the best of me.
So I broke my golden rule and started responding on a few. Big mistake,the one thing I know about myself is that if I have been reading anything for awhile my ability to proof read goes out the door.So let me tell you the horror I felt when I did proof read right over some big time spelling mistakes. These were words I know how to spell too not unfamiliar territory.So all I can do is hold my head down in shame and restrain from ever posting anywhere again in life.Even on my own blog I will write a piece of work and set it in the draft column so I can scan it the next day and then post.I'm one of those people who become to close to their words and have to step back and reread after a long break.Anything else will have way to many mistakes in it that I will not notice.Hence today sails words to the world show a sister that didn't check her work and has disgraced her whole family.I know it's wrong but I hope those blog post disappear into blog heaven. Shame on my sorry self when the dictionary is always right by my side!

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