Picture of the month

Picture of the month
Life is circular

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The journey begins

I recently moved to a town that is known as a hard place to develop a sense of community.
Despite this I have handed out business cards and stopped people in the streets asking questions and looking for resources to develop ties in the area. Basically gathering information on how I could become a part of the solution and not the problem was my goal. Frankly after a while one person at a time was ok but I knew the internet was a necessary if I was going to get serious about this project.
So I had this bright idea to go online and place an ad searching for sister friends hoping to gather a network of folks to start some kind of social community group. I wasn't looking for dates so I didn't bother putting a picture up.Yes,I know I have one here for my blog but it's taken ten years of faceless posting on various web sites to decide to finally reveal "sail" to the world. My life these days has been centered around feeding the black diaspora positive images that may or may not be viewed as good to know. I need this picture up so folks can remember who they talked to.
We are living in a time when many of our young ones seem to not believe or want to hear it good about themselves. Yet these same kids and young adults are the future leaders of our community. Deep down they long to be heard,understood, respected and loved by the elders and society at large. Crossing age ranges is very important to me for this reason.I need to know where we have been and where we are heading because I pretty much know where we are.That is way I love this idea of one story at a time I feel I'm growing just by understanding it. If I can reach out to people on an individual basis say even once a week that is 52 stories I can tell the world.
Well that was my thinking, I have to tell y'all face to face encounters have been wonderfull but no such luck over the net so far.I had one response from a woman that stated she was all about the glory of God and loved church and giving her ten percent to the lord. She asked me a few questions which I answered and then asked why my picture wasn't up. I told her I had considered it but already had one up on another site. You would think this christian soldier would say where or I am not comfortable not seeing a picture of you. Instead she wished me well and said something to the tune of no one will take you serious without one in a tone that I read was not all that Jesus loving ,then she closed her response with a message I interrupted to mean she was moving on to a visible person. Now don't get me wrong I understand some folks being suspicious especially black folk, we have that down pact with each other. Now I am a firm believer in mean what you say and say what you mean. If you want something ask ,you will get a honest answer from me but might not be to your liking. One of the easiest and hardest thing to do is tell the truth. I did and the way I see it good things will come and there are plenty of people out there willing to take that step to have a conversation with me.
I remain true to the journey,though at times the path has become difficult. This was not a easy decision for me because truthfully I was a little concerned about being perceived as lonely and needy. Now to heck with what anyone thinks, in the coming year I look forward to the promise of discovering the world through sisters eyes.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


For to many years I've shared my heart on the web from behind my text. Well I'm front and center now bad picture and all!
With this blog I can't change the world but I can share a few voices with you that show the commonality of all women's struggles on this planet. I am here to let the world know black women are not monolithic, we are no more angry than any other women who are portrayed negatively 99 percent of the time.
The black woman has beauty,grace and wisdom that is both imitated and hated. She is over worked, stressed out, seen as less than worthy, and revered all in one. There many sides to my sisters. Sometimes we circle the wagons to our own detriment in order to find ways to survive and yes we all aren't sweet but same applies everyone else too. We aren't all sick and tired,in fact some of us are happy,healthy and on top of the world, sadly most of us are not.
So I dedicate this blog to the women who taught me that black love isn't about sex or exclusion but a spiritual journey every one of the daughters moving in the diaspora takes during her travels on this earth. It's the place where we discover our self worth and place another brick on the foundation of knowledge that has guided us through the storms of life in the new and the old world. Its the window pane from which we beam the love and strength buried within our souls to the world. I honor all that is you in this space sisters,mothers daughters and friends. I feel your bitter ,your sweet,your proud, your joy, your pain. I say to you all you are worthy so believe it and grow.