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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary Obama and Edwards

It's that time again when candidates in both parties gear up for the on coming presidential election. With democrats regaining both the house and the senate I guess the job looks a little more appealing.
We are however are in a whole new ball game now. Abroad Iraq has fallen in to a civil war, a holocaust is still going on in oil rich Sudan, Civil war continues in Somalia as well as Liberia which begins the long process of recovering from it's civil war. Major oil reserves in Nigeria and a few other African nations has the oil thirsty US and China looking very closely. Peaceful India wants nukes and Iran claims to have the technology for nukes, while South Korea brazenly tested theirs. I question how we will deal with these anti western places. We are also in need of mending relationships in Europe, which is probably counting the days to a new election of here.
At home in the pass six years consumer debt is up, as the war economy looks like it's booming the debt continue to rise with our grandchildren being left to pick up the bill. Sorting of health care for the elderly takes prayers, the knowledge of a lawyer, and advice from a physic predicting future ailments.Money for higher educational loans was reduced and no child left behind is kicking more than a few school districts from the curb to the gutter as they try the almost impossible task of keeping up while serving the neediest students on an ever shrinking budget. There was a battle for a living minimum wage while at the same time arguments continue about what to do with the immigration crises.My goodness who would want to deal with this mess.Well Apparently lots of folk the hats are being thrown in the fire left and right,no pun intended this week.
Former senator Edwards announced his intent to run first in New Orleans. During the last presidential election I liked what he had in mind.Living in North Carolina I was able to draw
from his service in that states affairs as a clue to his record.I'd like to know what he has learned and now that he is after the big chair and not the side car what's his vision for the country.
Hillary has announced while issuing a statement of "I'm in it to win". How will she separate from Bills presidency concerns and what issues will she push besides health acre. Senator Barak Obama has an exploratory committee out fund raising but I wonder are he Hillary and Edwards after the same dollars. Is the country ready for a black man in the white house.Most importantly can he convince African Americans that he has an inclusive plan for their needs without scaring white voters away.sadly I don't think he could ever be black enough for some people of
"American enough" for others and what about his personal safety if he runs. We have a good deal of questions in need of answering at this point.

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