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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Death Life and Overcoming

Late on the night of July 20th 2007 my mother received a call from her oldest sister. Aunt G was gone she had passed earlier that day of an heart attack.It was not totally unexpected since she had bypass surgery five years ago, but still it did not seem real.
For me it was yet another death to deal with while wondering if the pain my mother has suffered in the past few weeks would take her too. I have learned many things this past month about excepting what life has dealt me minus the anger of wondering
why the cards on my side of the table have come up lacking lately.
Dealing with older parents and the stressful situations that comes with them can be a hassle.However I feel blessed to have had least had the time to do and say everything I needed to before my mother goes.I think of my cousin aunt G's son and know that was not the case for him.In that I resolved the greatest lesson we can learn from in life is how to over come the tough things life dishes out to us, while allowing ourselves time to chew on them long enough to move on in a healthy state. Aunt G was a piece of work but in death she provided me one more lesson to share, never let the expected turn into an unexpected shame.

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