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Sunday, July 1, 2007

C Vivian Stringer

I take from quotes she has given over the years in various media

There just are not that many black females coaching college basketball and that number shrinks even further when you look at division 1 schools.If you were
to add in major conferences that number would dwendall even more.

"All I've ever wanted to do is coach basketball and love doing it; I just want to be a good person and do a great job."

John Chaney said in an interview "There isn't a more creative basketball brain in this country than Viv. Forget men, forget women, forget black, forget white."

A graduate of Slippery Rock in PA she played basketball field hockey and tennis and is now in their hall of fame.

Started as a volunteer coach at cheyney in 1971

lead them to the first final four in 1982

She told Sports Illustrated in 1997 that "Iowa began to signify for me the best of times and the worst of times. I knew as long as I stayed there I'd continue to feel sorry for myself, and people would feel sorry for me."

On the Imus incident hillary clinton said "She and her players have shown us the difference between bravery and bravado".

of former player Tia jackson appointment as Washington head coach "It warms my heart to know she has been given this opportunity, and I am extremely proud of her," feel she will be extremely successful," Stringer said of her former player who helped Iowa reach the Final Four in 1993. "Everywhere Tia has coached, every program Tia has touched, has excelled because of her."

Player essence said "She has brought up many things that have happened to her in her life to show us that no matter when you're struggling, or how much you're struggling, that there's still light at the end of the tunnel," Essence Carson, a junior guard from Paterson, New Jersey, said at the Final Four. "But most importantly coach Stringer's our motivator just simply because we exemplify her character. Her teams are known for tough defense and her practices are often intense. Other coaches say that attitude shows up in games

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