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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sister Circles

Life sometimes has a way of bringing people to you when you most
need them. I was living in a small town trying to make sister friends connections in an area where black people tended to be very secluded in various groups. If you were not in these circles you could just forget finding some command bond of friendship. That's when i decided to
form a sister circle because i knew i was not the only woman of color in the area looking for connects.
So I printed a flyer and whenever I was in Walmart or out shopping I would talk to folks and try and get the word out. This went nowhere until one day i stopped in Sally Beauty . As i passed a young sister i started talking and gave her a flyer. By this time i had a room reserved at the library so invited her to come. She said she would and wanted to bring a friend, i thanked her.
At least twenty women promised to be there but on the Saturday of the meeting only Rikki and her friend Lisa showed up. that turned out to be enough these two ladies were awesome. We were ladies in three different decades of experience which made it work. Rikki in her thirties with kids, me in my forties without kids and Lisa in her fifties with grown kids and young grands. We all enjoyed writing so that became our rallying point.
With everything going on in our respective lives at the time we all needed this group. It didn't last long but for the time that it did I feel blessed. I have since moved to a larger town in state, Rikki now lives out of state, and though i have not kept in touch with Lisa she is missed. Never under estimate the power of sister friends in your life. The Internet allows us to keep up with people that we lack enough time in our daily lives to stop and call. Face book, twitter, texting whatever means of communication can be used at all hours as well. Thank goodness too, I sent Rikki a text message and she is well and I'm waiting to hear from Lisa. They will always have a space in my heart. We were not put on this earth to be island if you don't have any make some sister connections. Room was not built in a day it takes patience to build community grow where you are planted it is so worth it.

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